The International Education Show is a premier platform that has been seeing truly phenomenal growth every edition.

The show recorded more than 30% rise in visitor turnout for its 11th edition in 2015. In 2016, the show witnessed again a 30% increase in visitor turnout which is becoming a trend during the show. With this, it clearly indicates the growing appeal of the show as well as the rising demand for higher education in the region.

13th edition of the International Education show is set to offer educational institutions from across the region and the world instant access to students from the entire region.


Industry analysts have been noticing a healthy growth in the number of students enrolling in primary, secondary and tertiary education segments, along with a rise in the number of education institutions in the country and the region.

In fact, the increase in gross enrolment rates in the tertiary education segment in GCC is better than the world average reflecting the strength of the region’s higher education sector. Besides, every year, GCC governments announce sizeable budgetary allocations as well as reforms to spur investment in the industry.

The show will also take advantage of the fact that the UAE is the fourth most attractive education destination in the world for students looking to pursue their studies abroad.