EduTech Show – SMART EVENT FOR EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY Building on its impressive launch, the EduTech Show is set to present the region’s best platform showcasing the latest in smart education technology and resources in its second edition. It will be the foremost event for local, regional and international education technology companies and information technology solution providers looking to enter or expand their market share in the UAE.
The EduTech Show will be the sure-shot platform that will help you gain considerable foothold in a fast-growing market that takes pride in embracing innovative solutions.

EduTech Show – AN EXTENSIVE SHOWCASE The first edition of EduTech Show will offer you a reliable platform to showcase smart teaching equipment, amusement and educational products and services, latest technologies and resources for nurseries, schools, play centres and other child-related institutes in the region.
It also offers an opportunity to network with technology providers, resources and suppliers of teaching technology. Parallel to the show, interactive SEMINAR, workshops and conferences will be held, focusing on improving teaching methods that will offer a huge advantage to teaching professionals, facility owners and those involved with the education sector.

EDU TECH & EDUCATION SHOW TO BE HELD TOGETHER The EduTech Show will be held concurrently with the 16th edition of the International Education Show.

RISING DEMAND FOR TECH-BASED LEARNING The UAE has embraced the era of smart learning. Recently, the country launched a new Dhs 1 billion (US$ 271 million) smart learning initiative for all public schools, which is designed to integrate teachers, students, parents and administrators into a single e-platform over the next five years.

E-learning is not confined to public schools. Many private schools have for long been using internet, smartboards and ICT-based programmes and other applications to communicate as well as educate their pupils. Currently, education accounts for around 25 per cent of the government’s budget in the country, and with the focus now on smart learning, that figure is set to grow.

The EduTech Show will give a shot in the arm for the e-learning initiatives by both public and private schools and other educational and early development institutions.
By participating in the show, you get instant access to this market that has a conducive environment for optimized learning.

WHY PARTICIPATE • Strategic partnership with UAE Ministry of Education
• An engaging and effective way to target educational institutions
• Introduce and promote new technologies
• Establish new strategic partnerships and joint ventures
• Compare products and solutions and gain an edge over rivals
• Join local and global solution providers
• Well attended by decision makers & top executives

KEY COMPONENT Workshops and SEMINAR will be a key element of the show and will highlight new education technology related to schools, teachers, students, curriculum, teacher training, student leadership development and a host of disciplines.

EXHIBIT PROFILE • Government / Institutional Bodies
• Smart Learning
• Classroom Management Systems (CMS)
• Interactive Technology
• E-Books & Mobile Computing Device
• Learning Management Systems (LMS)
• Content Creation Systems
• Special Educational Needs & Solutions
• Interactive New Media Solutions
• Online/E-Learning Resources & Social Media Integration
• Innovative Learning Technologies
• School Management / System &IT Solution Providers
• Computers & Servers
• ICT Hardware, Soft Ware & Training Providers
• Microelectronics / Robotics
• AV Equipment
• School Furniture & Lab Equipment
• Consultants